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The minimum waste forage feed system.
The easy, safe and cost-effective way to feed your equines

New Products

HayPro now have launched 2 new forage feeder systems,
these are designed for paddock and fence-line.
3 HayPro 1.8m x 1.8m Fenceline
2 HayPro 1.8m x 3.6m Paddock Feeder.jpg

We have an introductory offer price of only £1549
for both the HayPro Paddock Feeder and HayPro Fenceline Feeder

which both come in 1.8m x 1.8m sizes.

The introductory offer includes Free Ground Anchors
and Free UK Delivery
(both worth over £150).

About HayPro

HayPro forage feeders are the launch product from the brand. The HayPro unit is the innovative solution to eliminate the problems associated with using traditional field feeding methods, such as ring feeders with wasted forage, poached pasture and risk of injury.

HayPro units are completely customisable, with a number of options to suit your requirements and budget:


The units are now available for delivery - to order yours, visit the product page.

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Discover HayPro

Ahead of launching, here are just a few of HayPro’s unique features.  We are sure you’ll agree that these show how HayPro is the safest and most cost-effective way to feed your equines.

Feed control gates

Feed control gates automatically close to contain the forage within the HayPro unit.

Loading gates

Loading gates open by more than 180 degrees, for ease of loading by machine or by hand.

Slow graze netting

Optional slow graze netting further controls the grazing rate of your equines.

Safe by design

Showing in red are the unique NoNut fittings, designed with no protruding bolts or edges.

Transport skids & Kickboards

Transport skids allow for easy relocation, and kickboards cover any exposed gaps to reduce possible equine injury.

Roof and Protective side panels

The standard roof section provides weather protection, and additional grazing control is offered by the optional weather-proof side panels.

Why HayPro?

HayPro is a premium quality product that is proudly made in Britain and designed in association with respected engineers and members from the equine world. 

With traditional field feeding methods, the forage sits on the ground with excess falling underfoot, resulting in high levels of waste due to contamination rendering it unpalatable. Widely used agricultural ring feeders are not designed for use by equines, with the risk of injury coming from sharp edges and snag hazards.

HayPro Development - 1
HayPro Development - 2
HayPro Development - 3
HayPro Development - 4
HayPro Development - 5
HayPro Development - 6
HayPro Development - 7
HayPro Development - 8
HayPro Development - 9
HayPro Development - 10
HayPro Development - 11

(click on the above images to enlarge)

The HayPro unit takes design to the next level, offering a safe, high quality, robust, cost-efficient forage feeder for use by all equines and their humans.

The design of the HayPro Unit is such that equines access the forage in a controlled manner through the feeding gates and therefore remains edible, being raised off the ground whilst maintaining natural grazing posture.

The equines can share their forage calmly with their companions, with plenty of room for everyone to munch together.

Bad weather? No problem!  With the standard roof and the optional roll-down protective covers, your forage remains protected from the elements (and greedy equines!).

Why Haypro
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