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Equine Products. is a family run business, combining many years of equestrian and engineering experience to bring new and innovative products to the equestrian world, for all Equineers to benefit from. 

About Us

About Us

With huge passion for the equestrian industry and a comprehensive engineering background including design and prototyping, the management team ensure that creativity and innovation flows through the products that brings to you and your equines.

Being involved in equestrian pursuits for over 40 years, including teaching and competing in a variety disciplines, the team are happiest when things are

‘done right’ for both equines and their humans. 

With this in mind, the team applies their combined skills and expertise to the design and development of practical and safe products for the equine industry.

Here at, we are excited to be launching several premium equine products to the UK and European market over the coming year - we know you’ll love them as much as we do!


Our Core Values

Combining many years of experience in engineering and equestrian pursuits allows us to design and create safer, more practical products for the equine market. Behind each and every idea sits our 3 core values, which are reflected in every product we make.


We believe that all of our products should not only improve your life, but also the life of your equines. By pushing innovation, it enables us to redesign and manufacture innovative, high quality products for both equines and humans.


Our constant strive for safety is at the heart of every product we design. We continually seek logical, practical and safe solutions for equine management, based on our many years of personal experience in the field.


We consider you and your equines in everything we do, to build long-standing relationships and gain your trust in our company. Your satisfaction is important, so we welcome your feedback on our products and service.

Our core values

Latest News

AVAILABLE NOW - HayPro Forage Feed System

HayPro - the minimum waste forage feed system - the easy, safe and cost-effective way to feed your equines.


The HayPro feeding system is now available to order, so subscribe to our e-newsletter or click the link below to find out more and to get access to exclusive offers and competitions.

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